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The ‘N’ list

You’ll have heard of an ‘A’ list. That list is for the people with money and my tuppenceworth is hardly enough to buy fresh air never mind raise me to the ‘A’ level.

I come much further down the alphabet…..

I was about to put Tobias to bed and settle myself down to sleep, on the floor, last night after a long day of house work. Everything that moved, was. I was like an Irish washer woman, every stitch in the house was washed. The clothes line was complaining and looking for a raise and to be raised!

It was nearly Cinderella time when ping went the twitter bell. Suddenly I was wide awake and sitting upright. It was all systems GO! The ‘N’ List was ready and published. I clicked on over to see how many of my friends were there. They were. They were not alone by any manner or means.

“What is she talking about?” I hear you ask.

The team of girls from Blog Awards Ireland 2012 were ready to give a communal sigh of relief. Finally the Grafton Media Blog Awards Long List was Published.

So a BIG thanks to the Grafton Media Blog Awards team for all the work behind the collation of the ‘long list’ nominations, and to all those who took time and made the effort to vote for their favourite Irish blogs. I realise the team were checking and rechecking until they were cross-eyed.

This long list includes every blog that was nominated, and as long as it was a working blog, it has been listed in the category that it was nominated for. A total of 1855 Nominations for 28 Categories have been received.

However, with over 1800 links to check, the list may not be perfect. There may be people who write – lets say, a food blog which shows up in the Music category, with the only music being the sound of the oven timer. It will be removed. I saw on twitter just now where someone was delighted to see her blog in 13 categories???? I imagine someone went down the list and clicked all the boxes in the false hope of furthering the case for their nominee. Thankfully it does not work like that.

Over the next few weeks a team of voluntary judges will check every entry to be sure that:

a) the blog owner lives within the island of Ireland
b)the blog content is suitable for the category.
c) the blog is active with regular blog posts. Remember not everyone posts everyday, some may publish once or twice a week or even once a month. So long as the pattern is regular it works.
d) how the blogger interacts with those who visit and leave comments. Do they acknowledge the comments.

The criteria list may indeed be longer.

I was pleased to see my name among so many talented writers. If you nominated me the cheques will be in the mail after I finish my singing lessons and stitch the moth holes in my money collection cap! 😉

So while the judgely panel assembles to begin their deliberations, I need to discover how to add one of these to my side bar.

blog awards ireland

I imagine that things will quieten down until about 8th September when the ‘Short Lists’ are due to be published.

The Best Blog Post category is going to be judged by public vote and that will start in a couple of weeks.

The best overall blog winner will be the highest scoring category winner from the other 28 categories. Good Luck to all.

Now, why not join in the voyage of discovery through the 28 categories and perhaps meet new friends.

I need to go and make up my bed!

Openings 47 ~ Crumlin Mill

Crumlin Mill

The origins of Crumlin can be traced back to 1765 when landlord Rowley Heyland established the first industrial flour mill in the north of Ireland.

The Government of the time regarded of such importance – It was five stories high and powered by three water wheels – that they built the warehouses and encouraged extensive wheat-growing in the district.

By 1815, the tillage in the area had grown to 24 per cent under wheat alone.