Daily Archives: August 12, 2012

The sun shone

During the week I spent a wonderful day in Lisburn, County Antrim. Weather-wise it was a pet day showing the city off to best advantage. I concentrated on Castle GardensLagan Valley Island and coffee with a Toyboy! I came home refreshed and sun soaked, with photographs of items of interest to keep me going until the year end.

Is this a Toyboy I see approaching?

Castle Gardens in Lisburn was once the site of Lisburn Castle, a 17th century fortified manor house.  It was built by the Conway family who were the landlords of Lisburn in the 1620’s . The house and its contents were destroyed by the great fire of Lisburn in 1707 and not rebuilt. The estate continued in the hands of descendants of the Conway family, including Sir Richard Wallace.

Sir Richard Wallace Fountain

In 1872 he donated 50 drinking fountains, known as Wallace fountains,  to the City of Paris and two can still be seen today in Lisburn. They were designed by Charles-Auguste Lebourg in the form of small cast-iron sculptures.

Detail of the base

After his death and that of Lady Wallace, the gardens were gifted in 1903 to Lisburn for use as a public park.

Four caryatids representing kindness, simplicity, charity and sobriety grace the fountain. Each one is different from her sisters, by the way she bends her knees and by where her tunic is tucked into her blouse.

I spy another fountain.

Egret Fountain

This decorative metal sculpture depicts 3 egrets. An egret is a small heron.

Catching up with Davy was wonderful, seeing his city through his eyes made it extra special. Thank you Davy, for the coffee and the new Avatar. 😀

Lisburn City Council has recently restored the upper 19th century gardens and the 17th century terraces, with grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund. I will focus on the gardens next Saturday.