The Radio switches on again.

On May 14, 2008, I wrote a rather long post about The radio. This particular radio had a place of honour in our house when I was growing up. It came from an era before television. In fact it was a wedding present that my parents were given in 1941.

I went on to recall the part the radio played in our young lives and mentioned programmes from those far off days. The post was positively received with many comments about my memories and other programmes were recalled as well. The conversation went on for four days and then slowed up but every few months the radio came to life once more with further comments.

Yesterday morning a comment came through with no URL, when I checked the IP address, I got an Error 404 so deleted it. Last night I received an email from a gentleman called called Joe Keane, he was actually replying to the comment I had deleted in the morning. It came to me with a copy of the deleted comment attached.

I have decided to copy the message from John, the writer of the deleted comment, and the reply from Joe Keane. You might like to refresh your minds about the programmes that they refer to in the original post and if you click on the link (high-lighted) above it will take you to the post.  For those unfamiliar with blogs, to get back to this post just click on the Grannymar at the top of the page.

I am doing a piece on radio. Spot The Talent (1960’s) had three adjudicators. The men were: Eamon O’Gallchóir and Michael McNamara. Does anyone know the name of the female adjudicator?

In The Foley family the main parts were played by George Greene & Peg Monaghan. I think Deirdre O’Meara played the part of the daughter Eileen but does any listener know who played the part of Brendan, the son? We hardly ever missed any of the episodes. We also enjoyed the mini series detailing the exploits of a detective called Michael O’Sullivan.


To Author John,
Yes like you I have fond memories of ‘The Foley Family’. I came from the country and this typical working class family seemed so far away from their rural cousins. I am almost certain that Brendan’s role was filled by the late Brendan Caldwell.
I can’t help you with Spot the Talent query. However as a child I loved Michael Sullivan detective. It had all the ingredients essential for good radio drama. I remember the ‘goose pimples’ that those episodes evoked in me as a child. Wonder where the main actor went from there?
keep up the nostalgic contributions.

If you have any information about the programme ‘Spot the Talent’, please add it in the comments. It is not one that easily comes to my mind.

9 thoughts on “The Radio switches on again.

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Dianne – The first Irish television station Telefís Éireann(later the name was changed to RTE) was launched on 31 December 1961. The station had only one channel and broadcast in black and white until 1968. It was in 1964 that my father relented and bought a goggle box. Back in those days it was state run and very much under the thumb of the Catholic Church. About half the programmes were imported from the UK and US.

    I always did and still do prefer the radio, I disposed of the family television fifteen years ago. The radio allows me to make my own pictures.

  2. shackman

    How ironic that my fave TV shows in the fifties that I recall were UK imports – Robin Hood, Tales of Lancelot, 77th Bengal Lancers and such. I’ve listened to clssic radio broadcasts and they are GREAT fun even for a TV addict like me.

  3. wisewebwoman

    Terry Wogan in the morning comes to mind and The Kennedys of Castleross and the absolutely hilarious Maureen Potter and Jimmy ODea and their comedy.

    Drawing a blank on everything else, Radio Luxembourg and rock ‘n roll (the dawn of) and pirate radio stations took up my time (illegally as they were all banned in our house as the work of Satan).

    And nearly forgot the classical BBC and its broadcast of incredible concerts – I remember Sir John Barbarolli conducting.


  4. Grannymar Post author

    shackman – You watched UK imports, while we had the wonders of The Virginian and so many old Western movies that you could smell the horse muck!

    WWW – Radio Caroline was a hit in our house, Maureen Potter & Jimmy O’Dea contributed to the laughter on many an occasion.

  5. Maxi

    Brings a smile, Grannymar … the radio allows you to make your own pictures.

    Your parents received the radio wedding present in the year I was born. Growing up, the radio stood supreme in our house. My little day bed was by the french doors and each night I would listen to the special programs until I fell asleep.

    Matter of fact, it looked much like the one shown here.
    Blessings – Maxi

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – I read somewhere that television gives one image to a million people, but radio (or a book) gives millions of images to each person.

  7. Michael Higgins

    Can anyone identify the theme music of the Foley Family – great swirling arpegios on a piano – I recall.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Sorry, not me. I suggest you contact RTE, They are bound to have the information somewhere in their archives.


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