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Openings 48 ~ Lisburn Castle Gardens

This is the second visit to Lisburn Castle Gardens, Last Sunday I was sharing the fountains.

The Terraces leading to Lisburn Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens in Lisburn was once the site of Lisburn Castle, a 17th century fortified manor house.  It was built by the Conway family who were the landlords of Lisburn in the 1620’s. Fire destroyed the Castle in 1707 and was never rebuilt.

Fruit trees line the walls in the 17th century terraces .

Lisburn City Council has recently restored the upper 19th century gardens and the 17th century terraces, with grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

I wonder if this was once the bowling green?

In The 17th century the terrace garden was used for recreation by residents and guests of the castle. It also had an orchard and a pond stocked with fish.

The 1677 red sandstone gateway.

The top part of the gardens dates from late Victorian times and contains several important scheduled historic monuments, including the 1677 red sandstone gateway, the Wallace drinking fountain and the memorial erected in 1891 to commemorate Lisburn’s landlord and great benefactor, Sir Richard Wallace (1818 – 1890). The Gardens also provide a splendid setting for the town’s memorial to the First and Second World Wars. I plan to cover these memorials tomorrow in my Sculpture slot.

Gateway from the upper gardens to the terraces.

Looking down from that open gate

The wall dividing the terraces from the upper garden.

There are openings and pathways all over the place.

Which way will I go?

Through the trees you can see the tower of Lisburn Linen Museum and the Spire of Lisburn Cathedral. Over the next few weeks, I will return to share more of the sculptures I discovered in the grounds.