Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

Garden Swing

I watched fiddlydiddlydo @conoro on the the Sugru video on Boing Boing. It was a Father’s Day gift from his family.

When my first order for Sugru arrived I twittered:

My first order for that stuff @conoro swears by has arrived through the letterbox! Let the fun begin. I wonder if it will fill in wrinkles?

Quick as lightening the man came back with:

@grannymar My beautifully smooth visage is 95% Sugru. Mix 10 parts white to 1 part red for the desired skin tone effect.

Toyboys watch out!  Sunglasses at the ready… my new beauty might dazzle you.

So why did I want it?
Back in the mists of time – make that May 4th this year to be precise, I joined my fellow LBC group in writing about Sincerity.  Well some might say I was talking/writing through the seat of my pants. I am not sure if pants were mentioned but I was talking seats, well one seat in particular.

It looked a little like this, but the frame was blue and the fabric floral in blues and yellow.

It was my sister’s garden swing seat and the five year old awning fabric was badly faded from the sunshine and beginning to disintegrate. That post told how I repurposed some fabric to make a new awning and seat covers.

At the time the frame needed to be painted and colour changed, so we didn’t dress the swing seat in the new garb. So no ‘After’ photos at the time.

Finally I have the evidence of the completed seat.

And it is much appreciated!

I forgot to mention that one of the polywhatsit units for attaching the awning to the frame was broken. When I heard that my mind turned to ‘fiddlydiddlydo and the Sugru’. I tried it.  Above you see the evidence that it works…. on the swing. 😀

Now to have a go at the wrinkles….

They say beauty is only skin deep. In my case, it might be Sugru deep!! 😆