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I did sleep!

The oddest place I’ve slept in/on…

We seem to be in a perpetual season of sales right now, so today I offer the bargain of three for the price of one!

The historical city of Lahr at the mouth of the Schutter valley in Baden-Württemberg close to the Black Forest area of Germany. The hotel room had six beds!! Thick walls and heavy double doors. One door opened outward and the second opened inward. SIX BEDS, enough room for an orgy and not a Toyboy in sight.

A tent on Achill Island in a mist so thick that I could not see beyond the end of my nose. The tent was so ancient it had no built-in ground sheet and I didn’t have one with me either. So it was a sleeping bag on the damp grass with a cover over my head. Those were the days when I was young and foolish.

In a house so full of people that the only space available was the bathroom. It was Ireland and an old house, so the bathroom was just that – a room with the bath and a wash hand basin.  The loo was in a separate room all by itself.

Crowds were not unusual in that household they were well prepared with a board that fit exactly on top of the bath and a sleeping bag and pillow to go with it. It certainly gives new meaning to en-suite!

All of theses were over forty years ago. Nowadays my old bones like comfort.

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