I did sleep!

The oddest place I’ve slept in/on…

We seem to be in a perpetual season of sales right now, so today I offer the bargain of three for the price of one!

The historical city of Lahr at the mouth of the Schutter valley in Baden-Württemberg close to the Black Forest area of Germany. The hotel room had six beds!! Thick walls and heavy double doors. One door opened outward and the second opened inward. SIX BEDS, enough room for an orgy and not a Toyboy in sight.

A tent on Achill Island in a mist so thick that I could not see beyond the end of my nose. The tent was so ancient it had no built-in ground sheet and I didn’t have one with me either. So it was a sleeping bag on the damp grass with a cover over my head. Those were the days when I was young and foolish.

In a house so full of people that the only space available was the bathroom. It was Ireland and an old house, so the bathroom was just that – a room with the bath and a wash hand basin.  The loo was in a separate room all by itself.

Crowds were not unusual in that household they were well prepared with a board that fit exactly on top of the bath and a sleeping bag and pillow to go with it. It certainly gives new meaning to en-suite!

All of theses were over forty years ago. Nowadays my old bones like comfort.

The topic this week The oddest place I’ve slept in/on… was chosen by Paul, so drift on over to to see what tight corner he found to dream in. While you are at it, check out the other active members of the Loose Blogging Consortium: Anu, Delirious, Maxi, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox, OCD writer, Padmum, Ramana, Shackman speaks, The Old Fossil, Will Knott..

20 thoughts on “I did sleep!

  1. Big John

    Never mind the board on top of the bath, I once slept in a bath. Mind you I was about eighteen at the time. Now I can’t even take a bath in a bath ! 🙂

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Big John – I have a bath once a year.. not because I need it but for the comfort of the long soak. Mind you getting out is a work of art and I am glad there is nobody around to giggle at my efforts!

    shackman – Unfortunately, I have become very fond of my comfort.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Gigi – Nice to know I made you laugh and cheered your hubby at the same time. We all need laughter in our lives, it is medication for the soul.

  4. Mayo

    Grannymar, I have you beat. The oldest bed I slept in was my mother’s womb, it was nice and cozy. She was 48 when I was born.

  5. The Old Fossil

    I’ve got to learn the art of getting over here before Mayo. I’m afraid the place I sleep is at the switch!

    I know just what you mean by the adventurous stuff being a whole lot more amenable in your youth. Give me a nice comfortable bed anyday, now.

  6. Cathy in NZ

    yes, when we are young, we seem to do lots of things, we couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t now.

    I went all over Europe, part of Britain, down through Africa with Contiki camping trips and I got used to strange camp beds, tents, uneven ground – with excitement in Africa with zebras, lions and other things roaming around in safari places…through to drunken periods where I would wake up not exactly in a sleeping bag and with a sore head to match…

    One of the staple foods was Spam…I can hardly bare to look at that type of canned meat!!!

  7. Debra

    I used to enjoy camping in true camper style…in a tent or under the stars…but I can’t do that any more. If I do, I can’t move the following day! I will now pay for comfort! 🙂

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Fos – That Mayo is a fast mover! 😉

    Cathy – You sure covered plenty of ground in your travelling days. I must be from the only family in the world that never tasted Spam. Mammy was allergic to tinned food – it gave her food poisoning – so we never used it.

    Debra – Today we can do the camping in the comfort of our memories!

  9. Maxi

    You have led an adventurous life, Grannymar. There is a picture in my mind of you in a sleeping bag on the hard, cold ground … but the one that really gets me is SIX beds and no toy boy.

    I will have a giggle all through the day, thanks for the laughter.
    Blessings – Maxi

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – The cold hard damp ground was not funny, but it did cure the cold I went away with!

    The Blogs Award Ireland 2012, is only at stage one, I am very much a grain of sand on the list of nominations. The actual Awards take place on 13th October. It is nice to be nominated.

  11. Nick

    One of the oddest places I’ve slept in was a B&B in Dublin in the mid-nineties. Firstly because the room was tiny; it had just enough room for two bunk beds and a wash basin. It was like a ship’s cabin. And secondly because we had no idea when we booked that it was a gay B&B and it seemed that all the other guests were gay. As you can imagine, some of them gave this heterosexual couple some very curious looks.

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Goodness, how did you ever find that B&B? Hardly from the Tourist board. I hope next time you find a place more suitable for your needs. At least you had a tale to tell at the end of it.

  13. Rummuser

    Three for the price for one! I would not have been able to choose one of them to be the oddest of the lot.

    I have been banished to sleep in the bath tub too!

  14. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – My legs were always too long to stretch out in the bath, at least on top of it I had a few extra inches and more room to curl up.


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