Daily Archives: September 4, 2012

Pride comes

Before the fall.

Anyone know how I can cancel September?

Last year I tried to mash my face into the ground and internally damaged the nerves on the right side, They are still healing.

Yesterday morning I headed out to go to a funeral. I never got there. As I was approaching the church I fell, twisting my right ankle and kissing the ground once more. This time the damage to my face was on the left side, visible and superficial.

Who is this gangster?

Four and a half hours in A&E I am assured there are no broken bones in my ankle, it is very swollen and sprained. So there will be no chasing Toyboys for a week or three. 🙁

I am home with an Aircast ankle brace and a pair of crutches.

Image from BetterBraces.com

The fun begins…

Since I am to rest the ankle and elevate it as much as possible, I now have the perfect excuse for catching up with blog reading. 😀