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V ~ Velvet, Part Two

V ~ Velvet Part Two

You can catch up on Part 1 here.

The jade green skirt was simple. The rich colour was sufficient to carry it off.  Floor length, slightly flared and gently gathered into a waist band with hook & eye and short zip closing.

The top was crocheted in a white bouclé cotton yarn that had a sheen to it. With no set pattern I had to estimate the amount of yarn I needed. I began with the back and worked it in a simple shell pattern. The front had more a U shaped neck than a V shape. I wanted sleeves and to add a finish to the neckline.

I began the sleeves with a knitted rib cuff for neatness, ended it off at the required length and worked the shell pattern crochet stitches into the cast off row and worked as normal from there up, using a paper sewing pattern as a guide for width and length. I then picked up stitches round the neck to crochet a soft short cowl neckline.

I loved that outfit and wore it several times. The top washed well and never lost the pristine whiteness.

Dress Dance 1970

This is actually a cropped version of the only photo I have of the complete outfit. Alas some of the people in the original are not happy with appearing on the internet and I need to respect that. Mammy is on the left in a dress I made for her, not the most flattering but she chose the fabric & pattern and told me she was happy with it,  that was all that mattered. She borrowed my silver gloves and bag. Yes! I am that old.

Who knew I went to that dance with Mayo!!!!!! 😆