Daily Archives: September 16, 2012

An Artist’s Easel

An Artist’s Easel ~ Bronze
Sculptor ~ Brian Connolly

This bronze sculpture of an artist’s easel, picture frame and stool, sits outside the Lisburn Island Arts Centre’s entrance. It is an interactive piece that appealed to the child in me. I could not resist the opportunity to sit and focus my eye on the landscape beyond.

Alas there was nobody about at the time to record my efforts at mental painting.

Brian Connolly hails from Bushmills, Co Antrim, a multi-media artist who’s works often relate to ‘place’ or context. He employs a wide range of artistic processes, including Performance, Public Sculpture, Installation Art, and collaborative projects

He created a number of public Sculptures in Ireland and Italy, and has worked in combinations of bronze, ceramic – mosaic, stone, concrete & fiber-optics.  He is currently an Associate Lecturer in Sculpture at the University of Ulster at Belfast.

I have featured his work in the past with the Healing Tree at Antrim Area Hospital.