Blogging the Alphabet – Q

Q ~ Questions

Q – Quiet or noisy? I enjoy the peace of quietude.
U –  Unction. When did you last hear this word?
E – Early or late? I’m the former, which are you?
S –  Shower or bath? First for speed, the latter for luxury.
T – Type of dog? I don’t have one.
I –  It lights up. A smile lights up many a day for me. 😀
O – Occurred in 1968? I officially became an adult. Age 21 was the marker.
N – Name a super power you’d like. Strength to open jars without aids.
S – Snack/s you like? Will Food do?

Now it is your turn.

11 thoughts on “Blogging the Alphabet – Q

  1. Ursula

    Questions: Do you really want to know the answers?

    Quiet or noise: On the whole quiet – otherwise I can’t hear myself think. Alternated with ear drum shattering Beethoven and his ilk or Hard Rock – when doing the washing up.

    Last time I heard the word ‘unction’? Just now.

    By nature I am ‘early’, by necessity and good manners I am on time. And I am only late when I don’t want to be there in the first place or was unavoidably detained in a traffic jam.

    Shower. The ultimate luxury.

    Dog? German Shepherd/Alsation. Black. Grew up with one of the best. My first bodyguard. Gave me all the freedom I needed when most three year olds are still chaperoned.

    Smile? That comes easy. And I smile not just with my mouth – with my eyes too.

    1968? I don’t know. Have to ask my mother. She is our family’s diary.

    Superpower. Yeah, that’s a good one. Reminds me of “I Dream of Jeannie”, an Amercan sitcom with Larry Hagman (later of JR fame). I thought she was magnificent. Seriously, Grannymar: Can you imagine just crossing your arms, giving a nod with your head and, hey presto, you do have the desired result? I love magic.

    Snack? An apple will do me just fine.

    Thanks for cheering me up this fine sunny Tuesday morning.

    May all your wishes come true too,


  2. Nick

    Early or late? Neither, I was born exactly when predicted.

    Type of dog? Sometimes hangdog.

    Occurred in 1968? The Dagenham women’s strike that led to equal pay legislation.

  3. Nancy

    Here goes, GM….

    Q: Quest…I love the chase.

    U: Unction..Like Extreme? Not for a long time please.

    E: Energy.. Losing my Mojo at 84, but still doing my best.

    S: Smiles.. I like to give and get a bunch of smiles each day.

    T: Trains: I love to ride on the train.Enjoyed British Rail the most because it was on the “Wrong” track to me and that made the ride even more fun.

    I: Ignorance..Hate it ..

    O: Orgasm.. My neighbor told me that whenever she sneezed she had an orgasm. I said” Wow, are you taking anything for that?” She said,”Yes,Black Pepper.”

    N; Nanny..That is me to 8 Grandchildren, 2 Great Grandchildren and 4 Honorary Grandchildren.. How lucky can you get?

    S: Sincerely..This was a fun exercise,GM.

  4. shackman

    Q ~ Questions

    Q – Quiet or noisy? Noisy
    U – Unction. When did you last hear this word? about a year and a half ago when my friend Pete was terminally ill
    E – Early or late? I’m the former
    S – Shower or bath? shower always
    T – Type of dog? Bassett/collie mix.
    I – It lights up. ZZZZZZZZZZ flashlight
    O – Occurred in 1968? Met my wife at a New Years Eve party
    N – Name a super power you’d like. Make poiliticians honest
    S – Snack/s you like? Nectarines

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula – I must try crossing my arms while nodding my head to see if it really works.

    Nick – You were exactly on time while I was two months early. Does that make you older than me??

    Nancy – Smiles make my day too. Here comes a virtual hug for you. 😀

    Shackman – That super power would be handy for all of us.

  6. Dianne

    Many of the things I would write are already written, unction for example. I know I am mishearing things but i thought you wrote unctious. I heard that on one of the Britcom shows we get on our local public television station which broadcasts BBC America.

    As for dogs, make mine Corgis although at present I have 3 Pomeranians. The first Elizabeth’s favorite, the last Victoria’s favorite. See, I really am an Anglophile, but there is no A in question. T is definitely for trains and I could write a book on them. Dianne

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Dianne – It is about time I began to use trains again, the last train I travelled on was in Amsterdam in 2001 and before that in Denmark in 1988.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Tilly – It is not always easy to find a way to blog about the letters of the alphabet. I still have about half a dozen to go.

  9. Celia

    Q – Quiet or noisy? Quiet nights, child noise days.
    U – Unction. Not in decades.
    E – Early or late? Early.
    S – Shower or bath? Shower, not sure I can get out of the tub.
    T – Type of dog? no dog.
    I – It lights up. …the Christmas tree.
    O – Occurred in 1968? Bought our first house
    N – Name a super power you’d like. Plastic man, reach stuff anywhre without a ladder.
    S – Snack/s you like? Homemade banana bread.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Celia – Welcome to my blog. I like the sound of the plastic man… but would prefer one I could talk to!


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