Daily Archives: September 21, 2012


Panicking was not encouraged in the house where I grew up.
Just as well really since there were so many critical situations to deal with along the way.

We were the ‘Come to’ house, yes, everyone assumed they had free passage to bring their troubles to our door.

Anything from cut knees
To falls from trees
Jobs lost
Pipes burst by frost…
Can we have some water

My son needs shoes
We have no food
Can I use your phone
‘I can’t go alone!’
Yes! Please, I’d love some tea.

It’s a broken hip
Martha fell and split her lip
John fell down stairs
Mary had a stroke
I’d love a drink, but I’m really broke.

Will you read this letter
She is not getting better
The baby died before it arrived
She will be looking for me
Can you feed the kids their tea

Screaming, shouting, ranting and railing, waste time, use energy and distract from the situation.
First responders at an accident will tell you: Those making noise are not critical, deal with the quiet ones first.

With advanced age people are more inclined to sweat the small stuff.
Noises in the night. Driving in busy traffic, or sometimes crossing the street can become like a task of major proportions.

The thought of falling, or dying while alone are often unspoken nightmares, but there is help at hand. A Personal Alarm can give reassurance that help is on hand when needed. With a Personal Alarm Service friends and family are only a button press away.

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