Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

A little Knitting

Thankfully while recovering from a fall and spending more time than usual sitting with my legs raised, I had a knitting project on the go to distract me.

Nice stitch

It was growing quickly and added another warm layer to cover my raised feet. That stitch looks nice…. but it is the wrong way round.  You are looking at the back of the work….

Working on a circular needle (as a straight needle) made it so much easier, you can see the front of the stitch peeping through, Recognise it yet??

Somewhere on my travels, it might well have been in one of the many Avoca coffee shops that I saw a lady walk down the floor wearing a Capelet and loved it immediately. I hope she didn’t think me rude, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that top. I was trying to soak in the details of how it was constructed. It looked fairly straight forward so I decided to give it a try.

Single rib and raspberry stitch were my choice in a gentle tone of green. Raspberry stitch is often called trinity or blackberry stitch and very common as a filler in traditional Aran knitting.

Traditional Aran Knitting with raspberry stitch panels. Image from Modern knitting.co.uk

I began with a deep single rib waistband and then increased the stitches to give me the fullness and add a ten stitch rib at both sides. Please don’t ask… I cannot remember the exact number of stitches I used. Raspberry stitch is worked in multiples of four plus two stitches,over four rows.

When the back was long enough, I knit across towards the centre and cast off the middle five patterns and then continued in pattern on to the end of the row.

Back of the neck

Starting at the centre point at the back of the work and using a crochet hook, I chained ten stitches, then changed to knitting needles and worked in single rib until I met the stitches already on the needle at one side and worked in pattern to the end of the row.This was now one side of the front.

Back at the centre I worked into the same ten chain stitches and continued the rib to meet the stitches on the other side of the work.

Front detail

Being a glutton for punishment, I worked both front pieces at the same time on the circular needle. You need to be careful or you might find you are working on the same side over and over (I made that mistake once, and had to play catchup with my stitches on the other side. 🙁  Perhaps it was someone looking for me on ‘IM chat’ that distracted me! 😉 ). I put a stitch marker on one side and moved it up along the piece as I worked, to keep me on track.

Detail of finished front.

I finished with a deep rib and made a crochet i-cord (nothing to do with phones!) to run through the eyelets and tie at the front. The only joins were at the rib waistband on both sides and to join the rib band at the back of the neck. These I crocheted together, I like the finish it gives.

Finished Front.

Finished back.

back wing detail.

Front wing detail

Now all I need is somewhere to wear it!