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Mine is restored! The scars almost invisible now…..

Thanks to the very patient and cheerful Maureen at the Clairns beauty counter in Boots Ballymena.

Earlier I was given the chop by my Toyboy hairdresser Stuart. 😉  I was delighted to see he had returned from his travels. Although not long, I have a very dense crop of hair and if not cut well, I end up with headaches and what my mother called ‘scaldy eyes’.  In the thirty five years since I married and moved to Northern Ireland, I have had only two hairdressers. I would hate having to make a change again.

Yesterday I drove down to my optician’s, to leave in my prescription sunglasses (damaged in the recent fall) for repair, and to test my leg for the drive today. While there I had my eyes checked again. My eyes are healthy, although there is a change in the prescription and the problems I have with the right eye are due to the nerve damage from last year’s fall. I still need to have patience with that! 🙁

Stuart, my hairdresser said that if I ever have a problem with driving over to the salon, he will come and cut my hair at home. 😀 I met some wonderful people today when I was out and a couple of abrupt and rude ones too. Never mind, the good people put a smile on my face once more and I intend to keep it there.

I am home, K k k knackered exhausted and sitting with my feet up. It was worth it to see the outside world once more.

The smile is back on my face!

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