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Food Monday ~ Hot Toddy (Whiskey)

Will asked if I would share my version of a Hot Toddy. Do you think he is going to have a party?  I hope I’ll be invited! 😉

Hot Toddy (Whiskey)

For each serving:
1 measure of your favourite Irish Whiskey*
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
2 slices of freshly cut lemon
6 cloves
8 ounces (or less) of boiling water

Rinse out a mug or hot-whiskey glass with boiling water to warm it. This is as essential a step with hot drinks as chilling the glass is with cold ones. Standing a teaspoon in the glass before adding the hot water helps prevent it from cracking.

Cut the lemon slices in half and stud the white pith between the flesh and the peel with whole cloves.

Pour whiskey and sugar into the heated glass & add the lemon slices.

Add the boiling water and stir until the sugar has dissolved.
Serve immediately.

*In the South of Ireland the choice of whiskey might be Paddy or Powers
In Northern Ireland it would have to be Black Bush.


Way back in the dim and distant past I posted a medicinal Cold Cure version. Now that we begin the season of sniffles and colds, it might be worth checking out.