Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Keeping it in the family

Today I commented on a blog.

Nothing strange there, it is something I do most days, on many blogs written in many places on a myriad of topics.

My comment today was:

I thought I was the only Imelda Marcos in the family.

My style was very different and well chronicled on my blog: Shoes, More Shoes & A Big Flash

In recent weeks my Little Pet Lamb, otherwise known as my niece, has joined the blogging fraternity.Goodness these youngsters take to these things like a duck to water and she is a dab hand with a camera too.


This is the young lady who would follow me round Nana’s house and sit patiently while I prepared to go out on a date. Always anxious to learn what the pots and potions on my dressing table were for.

The other day I discovered that like me she has a passion for footwear. *Whisper* I think she might have ever more pairs to her credit than I have.

Pity her shoe size is smaller than mine, or I might have borrowed a pair to wear to the blog awards.

But wait now….. I am still having trouble getting into my own shoes right now, so her killer heels are quite safe.

Why not toddle across and check out her style at Day One You can tell her I sent you.