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Tattoos seem to be almost a fashion statement these days.

I have to admit I was not very fond of the idea. Images from my childhood of workmen in sleeveless vests with arms totally covered in dark tattoo patterns, keep popping into my mind. In those days the men in my immediate and extended family seldom bared their arms at all. Long shirtsleeves were the order of the day.

Body adornment for young ladies back in my young life, reached only as far as pierced ears with little sleeper rings. Today those piercings appear is a variety of places: Ears, Nose, eyebrows and tongues and that is just the face!

Today tattoos are everywhere, arms, legs, neck and on the front and back of the torso. They include quotations, love messages and elaborate designs.

Photo from Google Images

Now we have a new trend and it is happening with the senior generation – Should I say my generation?

Last night while listening to the radio….

“Does she do anything else?”  I hear you ask.

Yes. I do all kind of things while listening to the radio, but I have no intention of listing them here, it would take all day!

Where was I?  Listening to the radio, a programme on health, and one of the contributors told us about a text message he received from his 80+ year old mother informing him that she now had a tattoo.

This one was a little different and it was just above her left breast.
A No Entry road sign with a and a line through it. Underneath were the words DO NOT RESUSCITATE.
She was not the first, it seems to be a growing phenomena among the 80+ age group. The three score years and ten, once considered the normal life span, seems to stretch further and further these days. Modern surgery techniques and medication keep us breathing often for many years longer. There has to be a cut off point at some stage.

As one of my young grandnieces said to her grandfather, my brother:

“Granddad. Some day you will have to die.  For the environment!”

Image courtesy of 921thebeat

This 81-year-old woman got a tattoo on her chest that says “do not resuscitate”. She has a living will but wants to make sure there will be no errors. She says, “I’m happy to wake up in the morning, but if I don’t wake up, I’ll be just as happy

It is something worth thinking about, but….

Can Someone Override Your Advance Directive?

Have you? Would you, take this step?