I accept

This photo has been floating about on facebook in recent weeks.

I am grateful and accept the hands of love and friendship shown to me so many times over the years.

It was in my choosing to find a topic for the Loose Bloggers Consortium this week. Accept/Acceptance was the topic I chose to tax the members with. Why not run along and see if they have accepted my challenge: Anu, Delirious, Maxi, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox, OCD writer, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, Rohit Shackman speaks, The Old Fossil, Will Knott.

15 thoughts on “I accept

  1. Delirious

    Frankly, I sometimes find it hard to do this. I tend to be a loner, and it takes great effort on my part to allow other people to give that love. I”m still a work in progress. 🙂

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Shackman – 😀

    Delores – I find that strange, since in your recent church position, you expected others, to allow you help them.

  3. wisewebwoman

    Yes I posted this on FB too a week or so ago, it is symbolic, we tend to forget that it is giving another a favour when we ask for help. We all love to be needed 🙂

  4. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – Maybe that will give you a chance to travel down under.

    Debra – It had that affect on me too.

  5. Nick

    If you can find more than two or three people willing to accept you as you are, warts and all, you’re doing pretty well. Most people’s acceptance turns out to be very conditional sooner or later.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Two or three true friends are worth all the gold in the world. The rest, as you say, are the fools gold of life.


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