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A Special Treat

Little did I know that a tongue in cheek comment from me on the post: Pyro-Pontiffs, would lead to this wonderful piece posted by Big John on October 13, 2012.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Vatican secrets revealed !

I had to laugh at Grannymar’s comment on my previous post about the Vatican’s secret documents … “Do you think it was the bill for the Last Supper?”, as I can just imagine the disciples arguing over who ate the most gefilte fish and who had more than their fair share of the chicken soup and matzoh balls !

Rumour has it that amongst the other documents to be burned on the Pope’s orders are …

  1. The pawn ticket for the ‘Holy Grail’.
  2. The result of the Virgin Mary’s paternity lawsuit.
  3. A receipt from a Bethlehem hotel for an en-suite double room with a crib for the night of 24th December 1 BC.
  4. A ‘congratulations on the birth’ card from Herod Antipas and Salome.
  5. Lazarus’s death certificate.
  6. A copy of an order to a Galilee fish shop for cod and chips x 5,000.
  7. A letter to an inn keeper in Cana complaining about the quality of the wine at a recent wedding.
  8. A note from someone who signed himself ..”Your faithful friend  J.I. xxx”.. to an unnamed resident of Nasereth telling him not to trust a creep named Simon who calls himself ‘Peter’.
  9. A letter from Mary Magdalene telling a friend that she was giving up the day job as she was pregnant and about to marry some carpenter who fancied himself as a bit of a preacher.
  10. Pontius Pilate’s report to the Emperor Tiberius that only one person had been crucified recently, a bandit named Barabbas, because some long haired Jewish hippy had sold all the spare timber and nails at a Passover ‘closing down sale’.

I feel that the bill for the last supper must be genuine because although it says at the bottom of the page .. “service not included” .. some waiter has noted …

“Large tip from a bloke named Judas” !

Openings 56 ~ Knaresborough Castle

Knaresborough Castle, near Harrogate in Yorkshire.

A per digital (for me) poor quality photo.

The year…? The clue is in the archway. It was a bright sunny day and we spent some time watching outdoor bowling on the green you can see through the archway.

Knaresborough Castle dates back to the 14th century and is perched high above the River Nidd with excellent views of both Knaresborough and the river valley.

The area around the King’s Tower serves as the focal point for the castle today. The Tower was the height of fashion when it was built in 1307-1312.