Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

My Time

I have a new sign for my office doorway.

I saw it when I was out for my walk the other day. The walking is improving, but the progress seems to be at snails pace. If I pass you by without saying Hello, it is only because I am watching where I put my feet!

Notice Board Door

This is the particular sign I wanted:

Office Hours

I have been busy preparing for the colder weather ahead. A large online order of household, dry goods and emergency supplies, are now sitting in exactly the right cupboard or pantry, so that I am saved the trudge through the long aisles of a supermarket and the risk of trolleys bumping into my ankles. I sometimes wonder if I have a ‘Please Bump Me‘ sign on my back or is it just that I am invisible?

A couple of days spent cooking up a storm and now my freezer is packed to the gills. A selection of soups and stews and casseroles, all ready to select & pull out on any day that I am busy or not feel like cooking.

I promise not to serve my soup like this!

If I tried to make a design like that, I would never manage it.

It has not all been about food…. Needles & wool are scattered about too. My head is buzzing with ideas right now and I am like a child in a toyshop: so excited that I cannot settle on any one thing.

Three crochet projects

As usual I have an idea in my head or an email might arrive: “Mum, could you make one of these?” Only once, do I remember saying No! This time the answer was in the affirmative, but I did ask for some measurements.  I will share the project photos when the item is completed.

One of the three items above is finished, and not one of my great successes. I know a bad workman blames his tools, but this time the yarn was atrocious. It was only as I was working with it I discovered it was a ball made of bits of wool!  I didn’t bring it back since I bought from a bargain lot and had it in my wool bag for a long time. I decided to use it up and see if I could manage a garment with it.

Navy caplet.

It was an experiment. The idea was good. The yarn was too thick. The yarn was bad – all short lengths & knots. It is almost impossible to hide the ends no matter how I tried to work them in. Nevertheless, I managed to make a garment with it and sure it will keep my back warm as I do my house work! I might try it again in a finer yarn at some time in the future.

Now you will understand why I have been slow to acknowledge comments or visit my usual round of blogs. I promise to catch up soon.