My Time

I have a new sign for my office doorway.

I saw it when I was out for my walk the other day. The walking is improving, but the progress seems to be at snails pace. If I pass you by without saying Hello, it is only because I am watching where I put my feet!

Notice Board Door

This is the particular sign I wanted:

Office Hours

I have been busy preparing for the colder weather ahead. A large online order of household, dry goods and emergency supplies, are now sitting in exactly the right cupboard or pantry, so that I am saved the trudge through the long aisles of a supermarket and the risk of trolleys bumping into my ankles. I sometimes wonder if I have a ‘Please Bump Me‘ sign on my back or is it just that I am invisible?

A couple of days spent cooking up a storm and now my freezer is packed to the gills. A selection of soups and stews and casseroles, all ready to select & pull out on any day that I am busy or not feel like cooking.

I promise not to serve my soup like this!

If I tried to make a design like that, I would never manage it.

It has not all been about food…. Needles & wool are scattered about too. My head is buzzing with ideas right now and I am like a child in a toyshop: so excited that I cannot settle on any one thing.

Three crochet projects

As usual I have an idea in my head or an email might arrive: “Mum, could you make one of these?” Only once, do I remember saying No! This time the answer was in the affirmative, but I did ask for some measurements.  I will share the project photos when the item is completed.

One of the three items above is finished, and not one of my great successes. I know a bad workman blames his tools, but this time the yarn was atrocious. It was only as I was working with it I discovered it was a ball made of bits of wool!  I didn’t bring it back since I bought from a bargain lot and had it in my wool bag for a long time. I decided to use it up and see if I could manage a garment with it.

Navy caplet.

It was an experiment. The idea was good. The yarn was too thick. The yarn was bad – all short lengths & knots. It is almost impossible to hide the ends no matter how I tried to work them in. Nevertheless, I managed to make a garment with it and sure it will keep my back warm as I do my house work! I might try it again in a finer yarn at some time in the future.

Now you will understand why I have been slow to acknowledge comments or visit my usual round of blogs. I promise to catch up soon.

15 thoughts on “My Time

  1. Maria from Silver Fox

    Oh my, I love the purple caplet. Our weather continues to break heat r records for the month of October and it has caused me to think summer for much too long. I need to start making some casseroles and soups for my freezer which is badly in need of filling. You are an inspiration!!!

  2. wisewebwoman

    I’ve had those projects too GM. Even with expensive wool, thickness, needles, etc.

    I’m busy with the freezer too, and stocking up on coffee it will hit the roof price wise before long. Beans freeze well. I also got some cans of the dark stuff on sale.

    I’m working away on the GG’s afghan, experimenting with different size needles, etc.

    all wonderful, I love when the imagination is in full bloom.


  3. Grannymar Post author

    Maria SF – The purple is actually dark navy, and the pattern needs a little adjusting for me. At least with this one the stitches will be easy to count. 😀 I love to have some meals ready in the freezer for days when I want to concentrate on a project.

    WWW – I find I am fidgeting about for a couple of days before I can settle down to lose myself in a project, so the cooking all helped to think of where to begin. Coffee, I must add some more to my list.

    Gigi – There will be no need for you to have a cook -in since you are off to India soon. Have a wonderful time.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Warren – Maybe I should have kept it for the letter Y. 🙁 The “something you don’t know about.” was a fall at the beginning of September. My face was a mess on the outside, but it has healed. The bad sprain to my R ankle is taking longer. Thankfully I no longer need the crutches or brace, I am also able to drive short journeys and go for a walk… slowly, very slowly. I will get there. I have overcome worse in the past.

  5. Barbara

    Glad to see you’re back out and about a bit. It’s getting the balance (sorry) right between resting and excercising that I find difficult.

    I pulled my Achilles’ tendon a few weeks ago because I have been trying to get fit & went for a few runs in VERY old shoes, and then ignored the pain till my ankle was huge.

    I’ve been hobbling about ever since, but have now found an exercise regime on the NHS website designed to help recovery, and already I’m noticing a difference. Just got to save up for new trainers before I go out running again 🙁

    On a different note…. What on earth is a caplet?.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara & Marianna – I am improving every day and trying to get back up to speed before the winter really sets in. Mind you, fallen wet leaves bring their own hazards.

    A caplet is another name for a shrug or bolero. Mine above is sleeveless. The last two photos above, are of the same item (completed) The colour is actually dark navy. The first one is opened out flat to show you how it is constructed – all one piece. The final photo shows the collar turned back. It can be made longer by adding further rows round the outside.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – It is a good feeling to be able to move about more. The first few steps in the morning are the worst, but I WILL WIN! 😀

  8. Debra

    It’s very nice to hear you getting out and doing so much in preparation of winter. I do enjoy seeing your knitting projects. I do a lot of talk about knitting, but that isn’t producing much! 🙂

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Debra – The hardest part of any project is actually the first line. Once started I love to see a project grow.


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