Blogging the alphabet – O

O ~ Over shirt

I came across this photo in a box I was sorting the other day. I loved that over-shirt. It was a man’s blue denim shirt a couple of sizes larger than I would normally wear. I bought it to play with and play in.

The playing with, involved the use of Deka Fabric paints randomly applied onto the damp body and sleeves. I kept the collar protected so that it remained the natural colour. When the jacket was dry and the colour ‘fixed’, I added a quilted lining. Then I used a waterproofing spray so that the jacket would keep me dry as well as warm.

It was light and comfortable for casual wear and I wore it until it almost fell apart.  One of these days I must try playing with fabric paints again.

No. We were not playing in the long grass!  I was actually volunteering at a plant sale.

8 thoughts on “Blogging the alphabet – O

  1. The Old Fossil

    The plants are medicinal and also a great aid to the creative process of painting shirts and coats. And buses! Did you perchance find yourself in a Volkswagen bus at any point in the process?

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Gigi – Thank you. It was taken quite a few years ago, these days the grey has rather taken over.

  3. Debra

    I remember playing with fabric paints! I was never very good at it, but I loved the whole idea! Do you still have the jacket? I would love to have some of my old creations, if for no other reason than to give myself a chuckle! 🙂

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Debra – I wore that jacket for many years and the last few were in the garden, it was lightweight and warm.


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