Thursday Special ~ Conversations

Overheard in Bewley’s of Grafton Street, while pausing for coffee and a chat with friends:

2 ould wans were talking at a table behind me…

Ethel asked Mavis “Did you come on the bus?

Mavis said “Yes but I made it look like an asthma attack!


Now that I have my bus pass…… I better be careful! 😉

16 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Conversations

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Gigi – Dublin humour is wonderful and my friends keep sending me stories from around the world.

    Fos – Don’t mention my ankle! It managed well yesterday for a couple of hours, but boy did it scream at me last night.

  2. Rummuser

    One day, an old woman and her young grandson are on the bus. While driving around town, the bus stops and picks up two Italian men who sit directly behind the old woman and her grandson. The men begin arguing immediately, and this unnerves the old woman. One of the men says… “For the last time…Emma come first, den I come… two asses, dey cumma togetha… I cumma again… now the two asses, dey come one more time… I pee twice… and I cumma once a more!” The old woman is embarrassed for her young grandson, blocks his ears and turns to the two Italian men and says… “You two young men should be ashamed of yourselves! Speaking that way in front of a child”. The Italians look at her confused, and one Italian says… “Hey lady, coola downa! Imma only teachin’ my cousin Luigi how to spella…” “M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i.”

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I remember mammy teaching us to spell M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i, but the song never went like that one! 😆

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Warren – I did read that blog post and you had my sympathy 100%.

    As a young girl I suffered bouts of bronchitis every winter and still remember the difficulty in breathing. Emphysema was another resident in our house, my father struggled with it in his latter years (besides other medical problems) and listening to him at night gasping for breath was torture for us never mind him. Perhaps it was payback for the 60 untipped cigarettes he smoked on a daily basis in his youth.


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