Pleasure Part 2

In my earlier post today, I told you I ran away for an hour or two.

It was a damp dark and foggy afternoon, not the most pleasurable of journeys. I switched on the radio and for some reason it was a different station to my default one. In seconds the music had my fingers tapping on the steering wheel and my world seemed brighter. Silly little songs that made me think of one of my friends….

When dinner was finished and cleared away, I began my search.

I dedicate this first number by Conal Gallen to Mayo. It must be his secret signature tune!

I’l Make Love To You In The Henhouse

The second is also by Conal Gallen and for some reason this afternoon it gave me pleasure and all my troubles of the past week faded into the distance for awhile. Enjoy!

Do Your Ears Hang Low

3 thoughts on “Pleasure Part 2

  1. Maxi

    “…egg me on.” Ya gotta laugh. Hope everything is going a mite smoother for you, my friend. You are in my thoughts.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – life is beginning to calm down here at last. Sometimes it just takes a little thing to bring back the bounce to my existence. 😀


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