Irish rain has many guises
there are times it can surprise us,
from cloudless cornflower skies
to gently touch the lids of eyes.

Soft and silently soaking our souls,
it hangs in the air with no great goals
to reach the earth beneath our feet,
yet dampness everywhere we meet.

Long and straight without cessation
it lasts for days to our frustration
turning fields to mini lakes
rivers rising cause consternation.

Icy winds and freezing rain
bring dagger shards of pelting grain
to cut and slice our red raw faces
no time for glitz and glam, bring on the boots and braces.

In the dark and dull December,
from gun mettle skies so heavy and low
weighty raindrops plop in puddles
and make us wish for feather-weight snow.

This home made attempt at poetry is my offering for the topic Rains chosen this week by Ramana for the Loose Bloggers Consortium. Now I suggest you pitter pat along to see what he and the other active members have to share on the subject this week: Anu, Delirious, Maxi, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox, OCD writer, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, Rohit Shackman speaks, The Old Fossil, Will Knott.

23 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Val, yesterday was damp but on the mild side. This morning was bright and sunny, alas I needed to stay indoor as I was expecting someone and when they left at 1pm the sun disappeared and it is getting cooler.

  2. Nick – A bit of rain is fine, but I am beginning to believe I live in a rain pocket! :sad:

    shackman – Why do I imagine it would be warmer in Texas?

  3. Great job, GM. I had no idea you were a poet. As for all that rain, makes me feel kinda guilty. Here in Central Florida, USA it’s sunny, breezy and mild. The most beautiful time of the year.

    Are you still workin’ on the hallway? Hope the ankle is still holding up.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  4. Maxi – As my niece Barbara says, I am a ‘noet’ and I know it! Wednesday was a disaster, supposed to be a day out, but I had to come home early and spend the afternoon and evening in bed. I have rested since then and am hoping to continue painting the woodwork tomorrow. No rest for the wicked! By Christmas it will just be a bad dream…. she hopes! ;)

  5. WWW – Did we ever have good summers, or was it only a dream?

    Barbara, I’ll think about it. Don’t you have to write a poem every week? The poetry bus only comes this way at very irregular intervals.

  6. GM it is bloody hot here in Texas but in the winter we get those bone-chilling rains when it’s not quite cold enough for snow. Temp range in a year can be from 30°F to 120°F.

  7. shackman – you talk about weather ‘not quite cold enough for snow’, while here we can be heard saying that it is ‘to cold to snow’. That happens when we have the bighting east winds coming coming across from Siberia. I awoke to a white world this morning. The road, grass, trees and cars were all covered in a thick layer of hoar frost. Winter has arrived in earnest.

  8. BWT – just thinking about it take me right back to standing in bus queues in short 60s fashions long enough to be soaked through, before boarding a steaming sauna on wheels for the journey home from work.

  9. Alice – Walking to school in the rain and having to don that still damp coat to walk home for lunch and back again, was no fun at all and the world about us was certainly not pretty. Heading out into the darkness and still pouring rain at the end of the day had only one saving grace – the thought of the bright warm home and the smell of home cooking.

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