Food Monday ~ The Bishop

Please don’t report me to Paddy Anglican or Ian Poulton, they might write me off their Christmas card lists! 😉

The Bishop or Princely Hot Port

This is ideal for serving to cold and cheerful Carol Singers with warm Mince Pies. Do people go carol singing any more? I always thought of it as a great community builder and great fun.

A rather less intoxicating drink than hot whiskey that’s practically as delightful and just as historic. Dickens drank bowls of it…. well so we are told, I cannot say for sure since he was a few years ahead of me at school! 😉

Wash an orange, stud it with 16 to 18 cloves, put it in a baking dish, and place it in a preheated 350 ° oven. Roast until browned, 60 – 90 minutes, and set aside to cool.

Heat 1 bottle ruby port and 1 cup water to a simmer, stir in 2 oz sugar, a pinch each of grated ginger, freshly grated nutmeg, and allspice.

Cut the orange into quarters, add it (and any juices that have run out) to the port mixture, stir, and serve in small glasses.
For a little more bite, add 4 oz cognac.

Sing well!

2 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ The Bishop

  1. Frank B Smith

    This sounds delicious. I shall try to make it. Unfortunately, there are no carolers in my neighborhood, but I’m sure it won’t go to waste.


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