Daily Archives: December 16, 2012

The Aftermath

I imagine that schools across the US are no different to schools on this side of the pond, where it is necessary to seek permission to enter the premises once the school day has started.

The principal had buzzed Mr. Lanza in because she recognized him as the son of a colleague. Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old man wearing combat gear and armed with semiautomatic pistols and a semiautomatic rifle was allowed to walk into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., USA. A school, where he was known.

He had first killed his mother with ONE OF HER OWN GUNS. He then went on the rampage, causing carnage to 20 children and 6 adults, ranging in age from 6 to 56. The children Were All Shot Multiple Times.

These weapons are not like mobile phones that sit in a pocket without being noticed. How can you conceal a rifle and a couple of pistols?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has five pages of regulations about ladders, while federal authorities shrug at serious curbs on firearms. Ladders kill around 300 Americans a year, and guns 30,000.

It is more difficult to adopt a pet than it is to buy a gun in the US.

I read this comment on Facebook last night and thought it summed up the situation perfectly:

“One failed incident with no fatalities and 11 years later we still take our shoes off at the airport. Kids killed again and again by assault weapons and nothing changes. Infuriating, devastating and incomprehensible…”!

I think the modern presidential habit of ending all major addresses with the phrase “And God bless the United States of America” … should be changed for the moment to God HELP The United States of America!

God help all those shattered families.