All I want for…..

I might be singing, but it is not what you think.
I might be making a list and checking it twice, but it is not what you think.

I am making my ‘To Do’ list for 2013!

I see some one is trying the 101 Things to do in 1001 Days challenge. That seems a little daunting for me, but I might try stealing a dozen or so ideas from Hailey and do one or two a month.

So in no Particular order:

  1. Try something new. It looks like I need to find a new hairstylist. 🙁 For weeks the phone number at my usual salon has not been accepting incoming calls. 🙁 In thirty five years, I have only had two hair stylists. I only moved to the second one, because the first lady retired. Ah well. If I am stuck, I can always visit Jake’s friend for a short back and sides! 😉
  2. Take an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment trip. By that I mean a journey and not a fall. NO MORE FALLS unless it is the sight of wonderful cascading waterfalls. I have had enough falls for a life time, so I have found the answer and I am afraid to tell you, it will affect all of you… 2013 will consist of 11 months. There will be no SEPTEMBER!
  3. Visit a cultural icon.
  4. Give a sincere compliment every day for a month.
  5. Clear out 12 cupboards of clothes and household items that I am unlightly to use again – one a month. If I do it in less time, I’ll award myself double points. 😀
  6. Make three renovations. If not to the house, then they will have to be to me! 😉
  7. Try to arrange for a coffee shop to begin ‘A Coffee for the Wall’ idea.
  8. See a play in a theatre every other month.
  9. Attending Classical concerts.
  10. Visit at least 3 museums or stately homes that I haven’t been to before.
  11. Pamper myself with a manicure.
  12. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet.
  13. Get up and go for a walk as the sun rises.
  14. Take a moonlit walk on a beach. I would need some warm weather for this one.
  15. Write a letter to someone I admire.
  16. Enter a writing contest. Anyone know of a contest that calls for no more than 100 wurds? 😉
  17. Kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve – Come on, I might as well dream…. that there is still some life in the old girl yet!
  18. Document “A Day In My Life” in photos. This might prove difficult.
  19. Pamper myself with a foot massage.
  20. Be a movie extra. I wonder if they make films in Belfast?
  21. Talk to a stranger everyday. I think I do this already, except I don’t remember who I am! 😉
  22. Tame my garden. I might need to excavate to find the garden first.
  23. Grow some vegetables. Mung beans on the windowledge. They are veg, right?
  24. Live until the end of the year. One breath at a time!

No promises mind, but I will do my best!

19 thoughts on “All I want for…..

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – It might be a long stand.

    Dianne – Thank you. I was trying to pick realistic goals and some may work better when they are doubled up. The when and how are open and I have a year. I hope you and David have a healthy year ahead with many blessings.

  2. speccy

    Great list!
    They do make movies in Belfast from time to time, so I’m sure there’s some way of finding out about extrahood. That could be a lot of fun 🙂
    I’ve been going to same hairdresser for over 20 years- she’d younger than me (just) so had better not be thinking about retirement yet!!

  3. Grannymar Post author

    speccy – ‘Extrahood’, I like the sound of that! “What do you do”? “I do ‘Extrahood’!”

    Tilly – I will do my best.

    Mike – I’ll do my best to last the year and beyond!

  4. Nick

    Some good suggestions. I especially like #15. I might try that myself. Who knows, I might get a very interesting reply….

    #21 is worth trying as well. I shouldn’t keep myself to myself so much.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Glad to have given you inspiration. Good luck with the letter. I do talk to strangers, but so far not every day. I find going for a walk with my camera, makes people curious and they then talk to me.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Mercyn – Borrow away and good luck with the ones you select.

    Brighid – We better not go to the same party! 😉 😆

  7. Nick

    I talked to a stranger this afternoon! I remarked on the police cordon on the Upper Newtownards Road as we walked past it and she told me about the car bomb.

  8. Ursula

    Feel slightly nauseous, Grannymar, at the magnitude of your list.

    Like Nick I am intrigued by No 15 ‘writing a letter to a person you admire’. Now that’s easy. I’d suggest: Why not write a letter to a person you detest? Much more fun. And difficult.

    As to the foot massage: Go for reflexology. It’s bliss. Absolute bliss. You’ll have a spring in your step which will stop you slipping on black ice. And thanks for cancelling September.

    Happy New Year and good luck,


  9. Grannymar Post author

    Feeling nauseous, Ursula, at 5:14 am? Goodness you you had me worried for a moment in case you were suffering morning sickness. Writing a letter to a person I detest, would prove very difficult indeed, since I don’t detest anyone, I just don’t have the time. May your year ahead, hold many surprises and good health.


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