Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

It is only just beginning….

Last night I had a long chat and catch-up with my school pal. She is a busy woman these days running round the country visiting her offspring.  Four sons, three daughter in laws and grandchildren that sprout like mushrooms, so many I have lost count.

Having covered all our family updates we came to plans for the new year. I warned her that 2013 would be short since I had cancelled September. We laughed and then she thought she should cancel January – the month she has found most difficult in the past with illness, death and other complications visiting without invitation.

So we eventually finished our conversation with the reminder that it was now February. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could change the months like that to suit ourselves?

Well, as normal I woke this morning to the sound of my radio. It was around 5.30 am, the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4 was in progress:

Viking; North Utsire; South Utsire; Forties; Cromarty; Forth; Tyne; Dogger. Fisher; German Bight; Humber; Thames; Dover; Wight

Soon it was time for ‘Today’ the morning news and current affairs programme. Presenters this morning were Justin Webb and Sarah Montague. I got the surprise of my life when the pips went and I heard Sarah say that it was Wednesday, the second of OCTOBER! Goodness, I know I was looking forward to a short year, but October already… Do you think I should begin my Christmas shopping?

Now I have a little problem and need some help.

In recent months I noticed that comments I leave on some WordPress blogs seem to evaporate into thin air. I let it go, thinking that the owners may have introduced moderation.

Lately I decided to check it out, it had gone on far too long. I could not have my Toyboys thinking I had deserted them.You know I wouldn’t offend them for the world.

A reply to yet another email was in my inbox when I opened up with the the message

Stuck. You didn’t even make it to pending.

I make a habit of checking and clearing my spam bucket each morning when I open my blog.

Do you? Maybe you should make it a resolution for this very short year. 😉