Meet Tildy

Tildy is not interested in taking out her anger and frustration on everyone and everything around her. She doesn’t beat herself up over not being beautiful enough, acceptable enough, tidy enough, rich enough, healthy enough, or clever enough. She doesn’t stress about foolish things like bad luck.

Tildy just gets on with loving herself the way she is and takes time out to contemplate the world around her and to just be. If she needs respite she goes and finds a place to hang out and get over whatever is ailing her, then she’ll come back rejuvenated for having kept her distance.

The only times Tildy rushes about are:

a) if it’s fun to do so (like chasing a butterfly)
b) the chase has food at the end of it.

Other than these really good excuses, Tildy will stretch out, relax, lick herself, and sleep.

Perhaps I should explain: Tildy is a cat.

A cat stretches to relieve tension and restore suppleness in an instant. A cat stretches the right way; we humans should follow her lead.

Do you have a special hiding space at home or in the garden, where you can retreat to when the going gets tough – no need to crawl under the bushes. 😉 – somewhere to lick wounds, and come back ready to pick up where you left off.

Many a cat can be set off purring with the mere suggestion of a pat, cuddle, or comfy spot. A cat loves to lie on the mat in front of a open fire, or in the sunniest corner of the garden. They just stretch out – every sinew and muscle – before slowly relaxing and curling into a ball. Do you think I could get away with doing that?

We humans do not purr, we humans laugh, but we don’t do it often enough. Laughter is a fast track to relaxation. It is cheaper than medicine, so we should laugh a lot more, and we should make others around us laugh too. Do we need to revisit the wonder in everything around us, and feel happiness in the simple things of life, just like a child?

If you are fortunate enough to have a loved one about, why not give them a massage, a hair brush, a foot rub, or a tickle, it will increase their level of contentment and help both of you to relax. Whether it’s because you or your loved one had a hard day, or because you’re just keen to help another person relax, a good cuddle, hug, or nuzzle will always come in handy. Every cat knows this, which is why they perform these caring rituals regularly.

The topic Relaxation was brought to us this week by the gently purring Delores at Delirious, so why not amble over to see what she is purring about, before visiting the other active members to see what treats are in store: Maxi, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, Shackman speaks, The Old Fossil, Will Knott.

27 thoughts on “Meet Tildy

  1. Maxi

    Love this post, it made me smile and gave me food for thought. Just hang out til I get over what’s ailin’ me. I’m smiling.

    May 2013 be kind to you, GM. Free of pain and struggle.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. Rummuser

    There is much that we can learn from all animals and you have picked a particularly visible example. No animal ever worries about all the things we humans worry about and when they are finished doing whatever it is that they are doing, they instantly go into a totally relaxed state. If we can learn to do that, much of our modern maladies will simply disappear. Our ancestors used to be able to do that. We are not. We need distraction, not relaxation.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – hang in there, you are doing well.

    Ramana – I wonder about stretching out like a cat and then relaxing into a ball, but I would still take up plenty of floor space!

  4. gigi-hawaii

    This is a great post, GM. If hubby dies, I plan to adopt a dog and keep her indoors. It will be nice to go for walks with her twice a day. But, only if hubby dies…

  5. Warren Lieberman

    My dog lets out the biggest “sighs” and exhales completely before drifting off to some dream land. Occasionally, I imitate this behavior before bed and I enjoy the best sleep ever. I’ve had cats and dogs in our house for years I and I long for their secret of escape and total relaxation.

    On another animal note: My mother-in-law had a sign in her kitchen that read: The more I see of some people the more I like my dog.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Gigi – I hope your David is around for a very long time!

    Warren – I am not actually very fond of cats, but do envy their way to relax and sleep. My garden is not suitable for an animal – far too many ways of escape, and I would have no hope of catching him/her.

  7. The Old Fossil

    When it comes to relaxation, animals are the great teachers. The way they stretch on rising, the leisurely pace of their lives where life affords it. I love the idea of emulating their acceptance of being, their comfort in their skin.

  8. Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary'

    I love cats. I agree with all the things you said too. You should come over to where I live. I’m seeing nothing but funeral faces these days. Mind you, the atmosphere is pretty gloomy these days with the horrible news coming in all the time. But still – people in general here could do with lightening up and laughing a little bit more.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Maria G – Try to smile inwardly and let the long faces get on with it. I realise the news is gloomy right now, we are receiving plenty coverage of the dreadful events. It makes the rubbish going on in Northern Ireland right now, seem so ridiculous. Stay safe.

  10. Marianna

    This post makes for an excellent tribute to the New Year.

    I second what Ramana says, that we can learn much from the animals in our life. That goes for the people who behave like animals, but that’s another topic for another day! LOL!

    Happy New Year, GM!

  11. Delirious

    Thanks for this reminder about stretching. I think that if I would stretch more, I would be less stiff. Maybe this is what I should do for my new year’s resolution.

  12. wisewebwoman

    I watch my dog stretch every morning when she gets off my bed. Every paw stretched by itself. I do the same thing now, arms and legs all separately. animals teach us so much.
    Yoga is good for this – note to self.


  13. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – I don’t like cats near me, but my sister has one and two dogs. It is amusing to watch their antics and behaviour. Once play is over the stretch out and sleep! Maybe I should follow that routine!

    Delores – Elly is always on about stretching…. maybe she was a cat in a previous life!! 😉

    Judy – Thank you.

  14. Nick

    Yes, if only we could love ourselves as easily as cats do, and cut out all the pointless worrying.

    Jenny and I hug and kiss and cuddle all the time and very relaxing and enjoyable it is. I don’t understand people who have an aversion to physical contact.

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Dianne – I am happier with cats at a distance and thankfully I don’t have mice.

    Nick – I miss touch very much when I am on my own. I always found it both relaxing and comforting.

  16. Brighid

    Not a cat fan here… my old neighbors had a bunch (30) both indoors & out. Keeping them out of my veggie garden was nearly a full time occupation. I’m a dog person…
    Stretching is good for you!

  17. Grannymar Post author

    Brighid – I do stretch, but not enough. Maybe I should add it into my daily programme.

  18. Maria from Silverfox

    Lovely – just lovely. You have just confirmed my own belief in happiness and relaxation. You have also made three small dogs, and one sweet husband here in the States very happy because a little extra hugging, petting, and smooching is about to begin.

  19. Grannymar Post author

    Maria SF – 😀 Enjoy!

    WWW – I just realised I passed you over in my comments. Please forgive me. I notice since I wrote this post, I am stretching each time I revisit it. I think I will pin a sticker to desk.. or better still make a sign for my desktop as a reminder each time I open up the laptop!

  20. Barbara

    Lilly s the epitome of relaxation when she is on top of me in bed, she is like a floppy rag doll, though her demeanour changes when Wilson is about. As or following the lead of animals in our approach to life, well that’s the theme of my blog. The here & now is all there is. Lets enjoy it to the full!

  21. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara – I have often watched Ello’s cat pick the best seat in the house before stretching every sinew, then relaxing and curling into a ball to sleep for an hour or so. Years ago I loved nothing better than curling my legs under me as I sank into a deep armchair. Alas that is no longer possible.


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