Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

I’m working on it.

I began working on my planned ‘To Do List‘ for the year.

Day 5 and I have taken a few steps already.

1. I have made some enquiries about a new hairstylist. I am hoping to give one a try during the week. I have a large paper bag at the ready in case it doesn’t work out.

2. Arranged for the first of the renovations – A large double glazed sealed unit has become cloudy and needs to be replaced. I am hoping to see the world more clearly in a few weeks.

3. one aim was to speak to a stranger every day.I decided to keep a tally for myself in the hope it would give me a clear idea of how I do. A page in my notebook gains a strike for each new stranger I speak to. So far the tally is looking like this:

1111 1111 1111 1

I don’t intend up-dating every week, twice or three times over the year will do, otherwise it will become boring.