Daily Archives: January 12, 2013

Mover & Shaker

I have decided to become a greater Mover & Shaker for this year.

Not in the world of commerce or politics, but on a different track altogether.

Mammy was fond of the phrase: Everything in moderation! So yet again I will listen to her voice in my head. I am talking fitness.

I was never a fan of running or jogging, unless it was with a little lady on her way to school nearly thirty years ago. Nowadays my exercise is of a gentler variety.

  • My jaws have plenty of exercise with talking and eating.
  • My legs are stretched with a walk most days.
  • My arms are exercised with housework that includes: ironing, shaking duvets, window and floor cleaning – I alternate from one hand to the other.

Alas, an hour at the computer can so easily become two or three. Reading, writing or chatting online, make an hour feel like minutes. Sitting for an extended period is not ideal for somebody like me with poor circulation. Cold hands and feet are the norm, but sitting with a rug on my knees is something I am not quite ready to give in to just yet.

Exercise is the answer.

On days when I don’t manage to go outside, I play music with a good beat (Today it was tango). I move about the house from room to room in time to the music. A police car drove slowly passed my window several times today. Do you think they were checking me out from a distance? Should I expect the men in white coats tomorrow ❓

Two items came to my attention today.

Fist was: Run for Your Life! At a comfortable pace, and not too far: James O’Keefe at TEDxUMK

Not the greatest presentation, but stick with it, the message is worth it.

The second item was: The Calories Burned Shaking a Leg

I think I’ll add this last one to my routine.