Two weeks ago

Yes, just two weeks ago I did something for the very first time. I managed to complete one of my aims for 2013. It was something I never tried before. Never dared to. It was way down my ‘To Do’ list, and added at the stage when I was plucking at straws.

People write these lists all the time, some without the hope of ever completing them. I was no different. In fact, I actually made fun of this particular idea.

#16 – Enter a writing contest. Anyone know of a contest that calls for no more than 100 wurds? 😉

I read on several blogs about a writing contest that called for no more than 100 words . . . in the very first month of the year! In for a penny, in for a pound, I decided to have a go at The Writer’s Desk Challenge. Just entering made me feel like a winner.

Nancy has narrowed the field down to seven very talented and worthy semi-finalists. The final decision will be by ballot, and it is open to all of us to take part in the voting.

So why not pop on over to have a read before taking the opportunity to vote. You may well discover some wonderful blogs to add to your daily diet.

6 thoughts on “Two weeks ago

  1. nrhatch

    Thanks so much for entering, grannymar! And for inviting folks round to check out the finalists and vote.

    It’s great when our intentions come to fruition, eh?

  2. Dianne

    You are so brave to do this. I don’t like competitions. If you win you think they made a mistake. If you lose you feel sad. Why Bother. Dianne

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – I enjoyed taking part, now to find another chance with 200 words. 😉

    Dianne – I never expected to be a winner, it was actually fun to take part.


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