Daily Archives: February 5, 2013

Needing distraction

The rain is washing the windows, the wind is howling like a wolf round my bundle of bricks and I am willing my roof to stay put. Well cocooned under the duvet, I am wondering if I could stay here for a week? The crumbs from toast are uncomfortable and it is difficult to navigate my way through the world of blogs with only my nose and one eye outside the covers. I better be brave and face the world outside my bedroom.

Sometimes looking for inspiration, I find it helpful to trawl back through my past life in this place. No. Not under the duvet, but to travel back through my blog.

Along the road of my blog life I have done some strange things and stepped up to many challenges.

Then one day, we beat the band altogether with a spanking new and scary challenge. It was so scary, we have not yet repeated it.

But who knows….  If the comments today prove interesting and varied, I might toss them in a drum and see what I come up with!