Photographing the Alphabet ~ C

C ~ Cutlery

Can you tell what they are?

Fish knives and forks. Does anyone use them any more? I have certainly used these.

Since the advent of dishwashers, bone handled cutlery almost gives a Gosford Park or Downton Abbey, feel to a table.

Pastry forks, I must have half a dozen sets.

I love this angle, they look about ready to slide onto the floor. Crash!

I do have dinner and dessert forks as well as serving, soup, dessert & teaspoons, but they did not hold my interest for this post. The carving knife might look well, but would not cut butter. I think I held on to it because I liked the handle.

The centre pickle fork, cheese & butter knives are modern, but the others are all from the home of Jack’s parents. They were married in 1918, when his dad came home from WW1.

A penny for your thoughts...