First we had Horsegate burgers and Twitter was first past the post.

Next came warbler salad:

Dead bird found in Tesco ready washed rocket salad.  You can find a picture here if you are curious.

Then yesterday I found a flouring fly!

Thankfully I had another bag. I will not be complaining to McDougalls because I had already used half the bag of flour a few days ago. There were no flies in the first lot, I would have found them when I sieved it. I eat what I made that day, and lived to tell the tale.

This time I emptied the remainder of the bag onto the scale and immediately saw the added extra. I lifted it out onto the counter in order to take the photo.

Maybe I should have made Fly cakes with it. 😉

22 thoughts on “Foodgate

  1. Ursula

    You may not wish “to complain” to McDougal’s but it would be a matter of courtesy to the company (and their other customers) to draw to their attention what you have found.


  2. mayo

    You know the old saying” a fly a day keeps the doctor away.” But I usually eat an apple. I know now why you are so young looking and vibrant.

  3. gigi-hawaii

    haha! Hilarious! Not the fly, but the above comments. As for the flour, I would have taken it back to the store with my receipt and asked for a refund or another bag of flour. Such a request would be honored in Hawaii.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    mayo – No flies on me, my friend, but I do prefer a good apple in the afternoon.

    Delores – The added extra was the bonus! 😆

    Nick – Yep. I remember it well.

    gigi – If the bag of flour was newly opened, I would have contacted the company, but I had used some already and lived to tell the tale.

  5. Dianne

    As a keeper of birds with much seed mix at hand, I keep all foodstuffs in glass and poly-what’s-it containers. Seed moth eggs inilftrate our food. The hatch and fly around if you aren’t careful.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Dianne – Don’t worry, all my foodstuffs are boxed, in my pantry, in the fridge or in the freezer.

    Fossie – I remember that one too.

  7. mayo

    Shoofly pie (or shoo-fly pie or Montgomery pie)[1] is a molasses pie considered traditional among the Pennsylvania Dutch and also known in Southern cooking.
    The pie may get its name because the molasses attracts flies that must be “shooed” away.
    In Pa. we have this pie, so flies being present means delicious.
    GM, why did you throw the flour out? I bet it was delicious with the flies.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    mayo – I never heard of Shoofly pie before. The closest we get to it might be treacle tart, a traditional English dessert. In the Harry Potter series, Harry’s favourite dessert is treacle tart, a dessert often found at the Hogwarts feasts.

  9. The Old Fossil

    There was a very popular song, too, Mayo. Do you remember “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me”? It’s original wording would be quite offensive now (racist), but it was a song that we sang as kids with new wording. We didn’t use quite the same wording as in this entry in Wikipedia, though:,_Don%27t_Bother_Me

    Instead of singing “For I belong to somebody.” we sang “for I don’t like your company!”

    I like our version best.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Fossie – I remember mammy singing “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me”, to us as children.

    Warren – 😆 I didn’t try it. Pastry is not my forte.

  11. Barbara

    I don’t believe that bird in the salad story. Impossible not to notice it until a few a mouthfuls in!!! even drunk & candlelit!!

    Did you ever watch Jeffrey Gouldblum’s The Fly? That would put you off eating anythng a fly had been eating on or near!!

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara – No, I never watched Jeffrey Gouldblum’s The Fly. The ‘bird’ story sounded very dubious to me. Rocket leaves are very small and would not hide a dark bird like the one in the picture. I always wash all salad leaves before use no matter whether they were supposed to be pre-washed or not.

    Tilly – I try not to think about it.


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