Daily Archives: March 3, 2013

Alphabet Apple Pie

While searching for something completely different, I found this little beauty:

A Was an Apple Pie

A was an Apple pie;
B bit it;
C cut it;
D dealt it;
E eat it;
F fought for it;
G got it;
H had it;
J joined it;
K kept it;
L longed for it;
M mourned for it;
N nodded at it;
O opened it;
P peeped in it;
Q quartered it;
R ran for it;
S stole it;
T took it;
V viewed it;
W wanted it;
X, Y, Z, and all wish’d for a piece in hand.

<> <> <>

Did you wonder what happened to U and I? We were under the table having our share! 😉