Daily Archives: March 15, 2013

Music that changed my life

Music and songs have featured in my life from as far back as memory takes me. They act as reminders of times past or of loved ones who sang the lyrics round our fireside.

I must honestly admit that none of them changed my life.

HARRY BELAFONTE – ‘Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)’

I had plenty of ribbons for my hair, tied in large chocolate box bows. There was one to match each outfit, but none of them were scarlet. I was never allowed to wear red of any tone, shade or hue, because back all those years ago, ‘red hair’ and ‘red clothes’ were thought to clash.

There were times when the house was filled with noise, gangly legs everywhere and boys pretending they were airplanes, trains or playing buses on the stairs, that I thought it would be great to be an only child…

But I could never imagine being nobody’s child. This one always brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

Foster and Allen – Nobody’s Child

I’m nobody’s child I’m nobody’s child I’m like a flower just growing wild
There’s no mommy’s kisses and no daddy’s smiles
Nobody wants me I’m nobody’s child

As I was slowly passin’ an orphan’s home one day
I stopped there for a moment just to watch the children play
Alone a boy was standin’ and when I asked him why
He turned with eyes that couldn’t see and he began to cry
I’m nobody’s child….

Some people come for children and take them for their own
But they all seem to pass me by and leave me all alone
I know they’d like to take me but when they see I’m blind
They always take some other child and I’m left behind
I’m nobody’s child…

No mother’s arms to hold me or soothe me when I cry
Sometimes it gets so lonely here I wish I could die
I’ll walk the streets of heaven where all the blinds can see
And just like for the other kids there’d be a home for me
No mommy’s kisses and no daddy’s smiles nobody wants me I’m nobody’s child

I hope it taught me to have respect for all children.

Music that changed my life was chosen for us by Maria the Silver Fox. I suggest you have a little gargle, then step on the scale to see what high notes she reaches before chorusing your way around our other active members: Delirious, Maxi, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox, Padmum, Ramana, Shackman speaks, The Old Fossil, Will Knott.