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Broken relationships

In the end it didn’t matter.

The ringing phone filled her with dread. She could see the name flashing on the caller ID screen.

Any relationship is built on the strength of the two who build it. The commitment, the honesty and the trust that a lasting relationship requires must be given freely, wholly, and without reservation.

Two weeks ago when she called him, he left her on hold for what felt like three years, with no real explanation. His usual breathless excitement on hearing her voice over the previous years, had slowly faded in recent months, so she began to suspect that her calls were not important to him these days. The fizz had gone out of the relationship.

There was a time when he made her feel like she was the light of his life, the sole purpose of his happiness. Conversations were exciting, interesting and thought provoking. Recently she was increasingly finding it difficult to listen well, because he did not talk about anything important any more. Their voices filled the space, each afraid that any silence might confirm their suspicions, that they had reached the end of the road.

Eventually, he was now calling her back.

He flattered himself that he was a good listener. Anyone overhearing the conversations would misconstrue his coy flirtations over the past few weeks, but all he talked was drivel. She tried to listen, but found she was drifting.

Commitment cannot be demanded, respect cannot be forced, dedication cannot be faked, and trust cannot be taken.

His taking off half way round the world for a career move, without discussion or thought for her wishes, really shocked and hurt her. It left her feeling empty and unfulfilled right now.

A new direction was needed.

She let the phone ring out.

It’s never too late to start your life over…. It was a line from a play:

“It’s never too late to start your life over, but hurry, as you only have so much time left…. to decide where to jump to next.”

Decision time.

She jumped!

It was time to use the past as a trampoline and not a couch!

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