Time for play

I notice a change on my blog… Now when you need to click on the photo it takes you to a new screen and if you click again it will enlarge the photo. Don’t forget to click twice in order to return to the blog post.

Problem now sorted – The wonders of a walk under blue sky and bright sunshine!

Are you not coming in, mammy?

Where did Grannymar go?

Time to dry off, but not on my trousers!

You cannot get my ball!

Time to chew on a tennis ball!

8 thoughts on “Time for play

  1. Mike

    That’s strange. The image link is taking you to a new page instead of the picture. If you know how to edit the image setting in WordPress, you can change that by selecting the “Link to Image” button. To get to those options from the WordPress “Edit Post” page, just click on the picture, then click on the left hand icon that appears. Two of the images just take you to the image. If you are not doing this intentionally, it sounds like either a plugin or a blog post editor if you are not writing your posts directly in WordPress.

    Nice fountain.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Mike – Confession time! I think I had a senior moment when adding the photos. 🙁

    Ramana – She has grown, moves really fast and full of fun. I am not so sure about taking for a walk on my own. I would need eyes at the front, back and sides of my head and her new favourite sport is: How many times can I wrap this lead round Grannymar’s legs. 😉

    Judy – It is in the grounds of a local hotel and people in the locality are allowed to walk their dogs in the grounds.

    WWW – That was the second dip of the day – The first one was a surprise to Buffy, one step in the wrong direction and she landed in icy cold water.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    gigi – In a sheltered spot or on the sunny side of the street we can be fooled for a couple of hours, but I will hang on the my winter woolies for a while longer.

    Celia – Being allowed through the grounds gives us a great circular walk with lots of variety.


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