Photographing the Alphabet ~ H

H – Haberdashery:

: a dealer in men’s clothing and accessories
: a dealer in notions

In an earlier post back in 2010 on colour I discovered from a comment that Former President Harry S. Truman, before he was in politics, was a Haberdasher. In his case, it refers to a Men’s Clothing Expert.

Today I am concentrating on the second option ‘notions’ found in a shop that sells many of the small items listed below:

Beads, Bows, Buckles & Buttons.
Crochet Hooks
Embroidery Rings
Knitting Needles
Marking Pen & Measuring Tape
Needles for crochet, knitting and sewing
Pins & Pom Pom Makers
Safety Pins, Scissors, Stitch markers & Stitch rippers.
Tailor’s Chalk, Thimble, Threads & Toggles.

The photos shows some of the items that came quickly to hand from my collection. I probably have as many more if time allowed to go digging for them.

Many of the items have lived in my work boxes for many a long year. A few still have price labels with shop names of Anderson & Macauley, Wellworths and Woodsides All three are long gone to the great big superstore in the sky. 🙁

CRAFTWORLD – formerly known as Leisureworld can be found at Queen Street, Belfast.

Craftwoman Fabrics in Carrickfergus would be my first port of call these days and I now see they are on Facebook. I bet I know one follower who will go a drooling over there today (virtually)!

Now I am off to catch up on the first of four episodes from the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC 2 TV.

The spools at the top right of this photo were inherited and are at least 40 years old.

A penny for your thoughts...