Daily Archives: April 17, 2013


Some people like the chocolate variety, usually made from milk chocolate, they are not for me.

I prefer buttons of different varieties.

A selection of buttons from my sewing box.

Button pin badges all acquired from bloggy Geeks! 😉 Yes, my Elly is a Geek and the one who pushed me kicking and screaming into the playground of blogging etc.

On a recent visit to Ellyland, I discovered a wonderful repurposing of these little button badges and I wanted in.

“Bring your badges next time, I will sort them out for you!” says Lady E.

I did.

She did!

Not a very good photo, but you get the idea.

The buttons were sorted. Not all were the same size, or depth at the back. Pins were removed, and replaced with very strong magnets. A layer of glue was used to afix the magnets. The magnets are so strong that they danced about the table above and would not sit in a row.

Some backs had a plastic backing to hold the pin, so they were not suitable to use, others were too big or too small.

Even with spacers between them, the magnets held tight.

I had to be careful taking them home. I could not put them in my handbag, my mobile phone was in there. The laptop bag was also out of bounds, so I put them in a pocket of a pair of lined walking trousers and rolled them up in my little case and they were fine.

Now they are home:

Magnetic buttons on my fridge, remind me of my bloggie friends.