Thursday Special ~ Out on the Range!

A friend’s mom was driving in Canada. She was going through a park area. She sped up. Suddenly, she was pulled over by a park ranger. She decided to see if she could be cute and get herself out of a speeding ticket.

When the officer approached her car, she asked innocently, “Gee, officer, did you pull me over to give me a ticket to the policemen’s ball?”

To that, he replied, “No ma’am. We’re Rangers! We don’t have any balls!” He continued to write down some information.

After about a half a minute, the ranger looked up, turned red, and muttered, “Never mind.” He closed his ticket book, got in his car, and drove off – no ticket was issued.

Now was it Mayo or Ramana who sent this one my way?  Thanks to the one who lays claim to it.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Out on the Range!

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Celia – glad to oblige.

    Fossie – I see he has finally surfaced.

    Mayo – Come out to play, we missed you.


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