Thursday Special ~ Second-hand car sale

It was a small town and the patrol man was making his evening rounds..

As he was checking a used car lot, he came upon two little old ladies sitting in a used car.  He stopped and asked them why they were sitting there in the car or were they trying to steal it?

‘Heavens no, we bought it.’

‘Then why don’t you drive it away.’

We can’t drive.’

Then why did you buy it?’

‘We were told that if we bought a Used car here we’d get screwed

so we’re just waiting.’

That old rascal Ramana, sent these two dolls along this week.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Second-hand car sale

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Gail – You never know what that Rummy is at these days, and we won’t ask.

    Mayo – My little beauty is behaving very well, so no change in plan at the moment.

  2. Government Funded Blogger

    All I know about used cars and being screwed is that they don’t make big back seats anymore.

  3. Rummuser

    GFB, I agree that they don’t make them back seats like the good old days when a lot of fun was had there. Sad. I wonder what the old ladies would have done if some one did turn up, if the back seats were of the newer type.


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