Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

No LBC this week

Sorry folks, I don’t have any home work to show today -spent most of the day at the hospital, two different appointments.

a) Maxillofacial clinic a follow up to the fall in September 2011.

The final result is my face has reached the limit of repair. I need to accept that the numbness will remain. Hell, it could be worse… I can see, talk, laugh, eat & drink.  I am one lucky lady!

b) I needed to check out my painful ribs after a fall on Wednesday night.

X-rays were taken and came back marked with #tag, to denote a break. The Dr could not find the broken bone so went off to consult with the radiologist. It is inconclusive, so I am home with extra strong pain killers.

I may sleep for the weekend. Toyboys enjoy the peace and rest plenty, I will be back to normal real soon.