No LBC this week

Sorry folks, I don’t have any home work to show today -spent most of the day at the hospital, two different appointments.

a) Maxillofacial clinic a follow up to the fall in September 2011.

The final result is my face has reached the limit of repair. I need to accept that the numbness will remain. Hell, it could be worse… I can see, talk, laugh, eat & drink.  I am one lucky lady!

b) I needed to check out my painful ribs after a fall on Wednesday night.

X-rays were taken and came back marked with #tag, to denote a break. The Dr could not find the broken bone so went off to consult with the radiologist. It is inconclusive, so I am home with extra strong pain killers.

I may sleep for the weekend. Toyboys enjoy the peace and rest plenty, I will be back to normal real soon.

30 thoughts on “No LBC this week

  1. Celia

    So sorry, hope you heal soon. Wonder if your ribs separated, feels like broken, I’ve had both. Sleep well but take care, pain pills can mess up your balance. Sending you gentle hugs.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Thank you all, for the well wishes. I am giving in to the healing power of rest and sleep.

  3. gigi-hawaii

    It’s too bad you fell again. My mother tends to fall quite a bit, too. The last time that happened, the clinic x-rayed her back and could find nothing wrong. My sister insisted that they do an MRI, and when they did, they found a tiny fracture in her spine. A surgeon injected cement and now she can get out of bed and walk without pain.

  4. Maxi

    Omg, you are having a time of it GM. You are at the top of my prayer list. Mostly that you are not in too much pain. Have a hot toddy on me.
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. Grannymar Post author

    gigi – I am pleased they found the source of your mother’s pain and sorted it.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – Thank you. Unfortunately hot toddies are verboten right now. Am heating a dinner from my freezer to line my tummy for the next lot and then I’ll take to the bed again for the evening

  7. Brighid

    I’m so sorry to read this.
    Inconclusive drives me crazy… it is or it isn’t! Dang Wussies! Your doc best be taking good care of you… cause I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want this wild blue eyed granny on his door step, just saying!
    Gentle hug!

  8. Barbara

    Even if you have a broken rib, there is not much they can o to fix them, except painkillers and rest….

    Hope hey feel better soon & stay away from people with coughs!

  9. Rummuser

    I am very sorry to hear this. I hope that like it often happens, the medical profession is wrong and that the numbness will go away. Never mind the LBC. You do what you need to do to get back on your feet at your pace. All the very best.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara – The painkillers are keeping me quiet, and bed is the most comfortable place right now. There is nobody here to cough over me, so I will be fine.

    WWW – Thanks. It hurt too much when I tried!

    Ramana – Thank you.

  11. Al Hood

    Grannymar is down and out
    But not for very long
    I know she will recover soon
    And come back very strong.

    We send her our good wishes
    With all that it evokes
    But only if she promises
    They’ll be no more prawn jokes.

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Delores – I will do my best.

    Al – What a lovely poem, thank you. I must try to remember to skip fishy tales and crustaceans.

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Warren – I am at the resting and sleeping phase right now. Hopefully it will not be long before I am bouncing around again as normal.

  14. Alice

    Sorry to hear about this. It’s been about 3 years I’ve been living with numbness in my toes, the residuals from my treatment of 2010. You learn to live with it. I’d be more concerned about the falls though, so don’t bounce too high when you’re back to “normal.”

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – It will be metaphorical bouncing, and I intend a little medical investigation too.

  16. Barbara

    What a lovely poem from Al, I’m glad I introduced you 😉

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now? I’ve been busy working and resting in between as I have been told by my ME specialist. It’s so much easier to do the right thing when a doctor tells you to 🙂


  17. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara – Ahem! I think we should both be bedded down for the night at this hour! Sweet dreams.

    P S. I am glad you introduced me to Al or Al to me! 😀

  18. Grannymar Post author

    Barbara – I don’t have any ‘i’s, but Tobias (laptop) comes to bed with me at times.


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