Daily Archives: May 22, 2013

Wind blown

Photo from Mail Online

The Duchess of Cambridge was caught out by the wind as she arrived at a wedding in south Oxfordshire, just over a week ago. I am betting that it will not happen again. Maybe her mother in law, Her Majesty the Queen, has not passed on her tip to avoid this situation.

It is very simple.

It is a tip Margaret Thatcher shared during a non political television interview from Downing Street. She told us it was passed on to her, by the Queen.

This wonderful tip came in two parts:

  1. Never press the hem of a skirt or dress, it means the length can be altered to suit fashion whims, without leaving a telltale mark.
  2. Use fine curtain lead hem tape threaded through the dress hem, to stop it blowing about on a  windy day.
Lead hem tape in different weights to suit different fabrics.
Close up of the lead weight tape.
The fine 14g tape would do the trick on the lightweight fabric of the dress above, without upsetting the line of the outfit.

Sorry, the line spacing is a law unto itself right now and bugging me no end.