Face Lift

I finally found sleep around 3 a.m. the morning and was awake again about 6.30 a.m. I was a little confused, thinking it was Saturday. Thankfully, unlike all the wage earners in Northern Ireland, I was not heading back to work after a long weekend.

I made breakfast, did a little web browsing and then added a few rows to a sleeve for a cardigan/jacket that I am crocheting at the moment.

Feeling a little restless I thought to myself… I need a change. By the time I got to the compose page on my old blog it became:

“I feel like having a face lift. What do you think”?

Well who else would I ask, but my faithful bloggie pals. Sure you are always ready to offer advice.

A quick chat with Elly and we were on the starting blocks.

With over 2,400 posts, in 33 different categories, to be moved, it is rather a tall order. The 30,110 comments may not all survive the journey, so it will take time.

I will let the old blog Grannymar stand for the moment until I relocate all the info I need. The old lady served me well, but alas she is now  incompatible with recent plugins to aid with positioning photos and formatting text.

I have spent many tantrum filled hair pulling days trying to sort out one page. Grrr!


Hopefully now we can draw up the chairs and drink a toast to my new home.

Mayo, Where is the Red Top?

Grannymar the old blog, will stand for the moment, though, I may close comments over there.

30 thoughts on “Face Lift

  1. Barbara

    Congratulations on your move!

    Yes i’m in Dublin again until tomorrow, another surprise flying visit. I couldn’t tell anyone this time for fear of letting the cat out of the bag… i was even more tired in preparation due to Charlotte’s last day at school, 16th Birthday & then her sleepover & paintballing party on Friday/Saturday

    My head has only just stopped spinning 🙂

    Welcome (back) to wordpress…. I see your 2008 posts are here
    Barbara xxx

  2. Grannymar

    I thought you were very quiet. I decided not to ask in case you were keeping things under your hat. My old posts are here, the rest will be sorted in time about 2,400+ posts in total. Some of them are very long so it might take me a year!

  3. Al

    Yay! Welcome to WordPress and all it’s attendant vicissitudes! First thing you must do is go to the widget section and add a widget for people to sign up to follow you. I still have to remember to check out your site but would love to get a notification every time you post a new topic. Pretty please…..

    1. Barbara

      You have to click on the ‘reply’ button under posts for the reply to show up in line and for the person you have replied to to be notified of your reply…. Xxx

          1. Barbara

            There is a limit to nested replies… But you can change it in settings…. Also you can click on an earlier ‘reply’ button in the thread & keep replying for forever 🙂

  4. Maxi

    Welcome aboard, GM. I’m so surprised you’re here aand so glad. Give a knock on my door if you need any help.
    Love and Hugs ~ maxi


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