Daily Archives: June 21, 2013

My First kiss

It was gentle as a butterflies fluttering wing,
My heart felt like bursting I wanted to sing.

First on my forehead, then on my nose,
I wished it kept going right down to my toes.

Scattering soft kisses like petals on my face
Warm and gentle, so full of grace.

Slowly and gently your lips brushed with mine
A sensuous treat to make my eyes shine.

Tender and memorable warming my heart
Delicious sweet desire, a wonderful start.

Our travelling romantic Delores, from Life on a Limb, found the perfect way to delve into the secret past lives of LBC members by asking us to write about: My First Kiss. I hope you notice that I have finally managed to list the members over there in the side bar, so if you fancy a few more kisses, skip along with me and see how many we can collect. Maybe with all this excitement it is just as well some are late on the starting blocks – my heart might go into shock otherwise.

Just remember:

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted…the only real kind of kiss is a kiss tasted!