I knew that one day they would get me in trouble!!!!!

I’m hiding.

Nobody will be able to find me ever, Ever, EVER again. E V E R.

Well, not at least until…. Friday. Maybe by then I might be forgiven. It is not really my fault, you know.

I had a date with a Toyboy for one of the clock today, so I bounced out of the bed before 6 am, and into the shower. Then began the polyfilla programme  it is a long slow process, but worth it for the results.

The product promises:

  • Flexible, crack-free filling between two surfaces where movement can occur.
  • Easily controlled application for long linear gaps.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.

All I needed to do was:

Remove cap and carefully cut top from nozzle with a sharp knife to the size of hole I required.
Squeeze the tube to force out the filler and move along the repair wrinkle.
The filler was smoothed with a wet rounded spatula or dowel. I use my finger. Then wipe off excess before it dries. It can be over painted when dry. Read: You can use makeup on top of it!
For best results the area to be filled should be no more than 20mm wide by 12mm deep. I’m well within that limit, my wrinkles are not that deep, I think!

After breakfast, I headed for the hairdressers –Looking like an overgrown weed garden was not the look for me. Not when I was meeting a Toyboy!

I was about to climb into my car minding my brand new haircut, when my pocket began to buzz. A text message from the Toyboy…

Could we delay the meet-up, just a little, something had occurred that needed attention.

Now being the obliging sort and the day being my own, it was no problem, so I decided to wait until I was home before replying.

I was negotiating a tricky roundabout/rotary when my pocket began pinging. One message after another, anyone would think the car was on fire.

When I arrived home and looked at the phone, I blushed.

BLUSHED like a prize tomato!

My phone had taken a dizzy fit and decided to issue invitations to all and sundry from here to California (sorry Conrad!) to an address in Howth, Dublin. What I want to know is how it managed to pull phone numbers for names that were not consecutive in my list and send an address from a business card stored in my phone?

There will be no Party in Howth, at least not one I know about.  Especially since I am 125 miles away.

Time to go, I don’t want to be late, I have had enough disasters already today.

Play among yourselves, I’ll catch you later. 😉

33 thoughts on “Toyboys!

      1. Al

        Guess she wasn’t kidding about hiding, Barbara. Maybe I can entice her back out with a recipe of my famous Rum Cream Pie.

  1. kenju

    It may not be funny to you, but it is to me. My phone called my BIL last week; he could hear me talking, but to someone else. I don’t know how it happened, since my phone was in my pocket at the time.

  2. Barath Rajgopaul

    Toys and boys cause wrinkles which cannot be plastered over and trying to look like Angelina Jolie just ends up having to put up with Brad Pitt! back to square one and sending normal texts like the rest of us on this planet GM. Good luck with the party in Howth. Is that really a place?

    1. Grannymar

      Brighid, I don’t think my friend in Howth would be too pleased if we all landed in unannounced! I wonder if she will ever talk to me again ❓

  3. theoldfossil

    I can’t find Howth. As near as I can tell, I took a wrong turn in Bulgaria. I am now in jail and need for you to send me $2,000.00. It must be a Cashier’s Check and all of this must be untraceable …

    1. Grannymar

      I hope you brought your lunch, I need to do a little singing to raise $2,000.00. Has anyone seen my hat? I need it to collect donations!


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